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*New Patent EZ Folding-Lid Pail-Allow you greater leeway! Easy to open, easy to use, easy to close!


8L Plastic square pails, Square buckets, Food boxes

8L Plastic square pails, Square buckets, Food boxes

2G Plastic square pails, Square buckets

Product ID: PKS2G

All PAILKING® plastic pails/containers are made of strong and durable Polypropylene (PP) or High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) resin.
* Injection molded in one piece with reinforced ribs for extra strength.
* No metal parts means rustproof and long life.
* Lightweight, long wearing and reusable.
* No seams and won't dent.
* More cost-effective than metal pails.
* Empty pail nest for low-cost stacking and shipping.
* To aid in recycling, we offer all-plastic pail, handle and flexible pull spout.
* Comply with International Transportation codes.
* All PAILKING™ pails are manufactured from F.D.A. approved materials.

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Item UP Down Height
PKS2G 240mm 210mm 192mm
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CEO:Mr. Peter Kao
Contact:General Manager Mr. Peter Kao
Address:7F-8, 374 Pateh Rd., Sec. 2, Taipei, Taiwan