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*New Patent EZ Folding-Lid Pail-Allow you greater leeway! Easy to open, easy to use, easy to close!


Food Containers, Pickled Fruit Pails, Honey Pails, Tomato Juice Pails, Butter Containers,

Food Containers, Pickled Fruit Pails, Honey Pails, Tomato Juice Pails, Butter Containers,

0.15L-24L Utility Pails

Product ID: PK1L-PK24L Pails

(FDA & USDA Approved Resin)
Keep Food Clean & Safe!
The Perfect plastic containers for all your food storage needs!Colorful, 2.5-6 gallons, tapered- sided, heavy duty, constructed of Polypropylene (PP) or High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) resin, with ribbed reinforcements for strength & an O-ring that seals airtight.

  • Standard Sizes:
    • 1 - 6.0 Gallons ,1L–24 liters
  • Customerize Sizes:
    • Please inquire if you are looking for particular capacities and specifications.
  • Standard Handles:
    • All pails, except 1L or less , come with standard sturdy plastic handles. Wire handle is available upon request.
  • Standard and Optional Colors:
    • Available in a full range of colors. White, Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue.
  • Standard Covers:
    • Standard covers all come with easy tear-strip.
    • Easy to open, fully reusable, and close airtight for protection.
  • Impact resistant Food Grade plastic
  • Withstand 190℉, steam sterilization or frozen
  • Secure reclosure to keep contents fresh
  • Lightweight, long wearing & reusable
  • Prevents pest and insect invasions
  • Consumer-friendly covers, EASY to open and close
  • Covers with flexible pull spouts available
  • Color Coded Packages
  • Great For:
    • Pickled Vegetables、Pickled Fruits、Rice & Grains、Legumes、Honey、Dried Fruit、Mixes、Juices
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Address:7F-8, 374 Pateh Rd., Sec. 2, Taipei, Taiwan